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Bike Ole Miss
The University of Mississippi


Bike Shop

The Bike Shop is open to all students, faculty, and staff. Bring your bike in to get it registered, serviced, or rent a bike.

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Bike Rentals

Rebel Pedals is a program that provides an accessible, cost-effective bike loan program to the University of Mississippi student body. Rebel Pedals provides a convenient way to get to class, encourages off-campus exploration, and promotes a healthy body.

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Registering your bike helps the University gather data to ensure bicycles have adequate parking and other amenities on campus. Registering your bike can also help UPD recover a bicycle in the event it is lost or stolen. Register your bike for free with the Ole Miss Bike Shop!

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Bike Give-Back is a program designed to facilitate recycling of bikes from those who are no longer using them to those who need them.  It is a donation program, a recycling program, and a refurbishment program.

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