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Bike Ole Miss
The University of Mississippi

Bike Registration

Ole Miss Bike Shop mechanic Stephen Valliant tightens the rear bag mount on one of several new bicycles to be used by Ole Miss Parking and Transportation staff as Traffic Officer Emanuel McJunkins looks on. Photo by Robert Jordan/Ole Miss Communications









How to register your bike

Fill out the Bike Registration Form and take it to the Bike Shop to obtain a permit.  You will need to provide the make, model, and color of your bike. Registration is free and valid for at least four years. 


Protect your investment

Registering your bike helps the University gather data to ensure bicycles have adequate parking and other amenities on campus. Registering your bike can also help UPD recover a bicycle in the event it is lost or stolen.

Most bicycle thefts are due to unlocked or improperly locked bikes. Follow these tips to prevent your bike from being stolen:

  1. Never leave your bike unlocked
  2. Always use a high quality U-lock or chain. For added security, use both.
  3. Always lock your bike to a bike rack; never to a tree, handrail, or pole. Be sure to secure the frame and front wheel to the rack.